Contact Lens Health Week 2016

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | August 21, 2016

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has named August 22-26, 2016 as Contact Lens Health Week. When used and cared for properly, contact lenses are an incredible medical device that allows us to see clearly without glasses as well as help transform our look. They also provide a boost in self esteem for…


Don’t Fail Your Child Before School Starts

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | July 7, 2016

    It is hard to believe that the summer is already half way over! And that means it is time to start thinking about getting your child ready for “Back to School.”   You may not realize it, but approximately 80% of our learning involves our vision! Therefore, it stands to reason that good…

Welcome to The Vision Center at Seaside Farms

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | June 21, 2016

Thank you for scheduling your eye exam with us.  Here at The Vision Center at Seaside Farms, we are committed to providing a caring and professional environment to promote an enjoyable, efficient and cutting edge eye care experience for all of our patients.  It is our priority to have every patient leave our office feeling…

Try On Frames!

By waltmayo | May 27, 2016

Click HERE to virtually try on frames we carry!

Sunglasses Sale

Memorial Weekend Sunglasses Sale

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | May 22, 2016

  Celebrate Memorial Weekend and the official kick-off to summer with our huge sunglasses sale!   Buy any pair of sunglasses and we’ll throw in a FREE beach towel* AND a $50 gift card to Target to use toward even more of your beach and summertime needs.   Choose from brands like Maui Jim, Costa…


PRN Macular Vitamin

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | May 18, 2016

PRN’s Macular Vitamin are the vitamin of choice to help slow the progression of macular degeneration. Based on the AREDS2 study, this complete supplement provides all of the macular protection from lutein and zeaxanthin with the added bonus of B and E vitamins for improved eye health. Get yours today for as little as $24…


PRN Eye Omega Vitamins

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | May 18, 2016

PRN’s Eye Omega Advantage vitamins are the perfect complete eye health supplement. They combine the highest quality Omega 3s (fish oil) with the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. Omega 3s (DHA/EPA) in their triglyceride form help promote healthy tears and relieve dry eye symptoms. Lutein and zeaxanthin are important molecules to protect against macular degeneration. You…


PRN Dry Eye Vitamins

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | May 18, 2016

PRN’s Dry Eye Omega vitamins are the best Omega 3 vitamins you can take. They are made with over 2 grams of DHA/EPA Omega 3’s in the triglyceride form (you know, the one that actually gets absorbed by your body). Omega 3’s have been proven to help relieve dry eye as well as improve your…


PRN Ocular Vitamins

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | May 17, 2016

Nutrition plays a large role in our health – including the health of our eyes. Omega 3’s, specifically DHA and EPA in triglyceride form, help promote healthy tears and can help protect against macular degeneration (AMD). Lutein and Zeaxanthin are the main antioxidants shown to slow the progression of AMD. We are proud to offer…

Raise Your Glasses

Raise Your Glasses – a spring style show on May 3rd

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | April 19, 2016

  Please join us on Tuesday, May 3 from 4:30-7:30 on Southerly’s back patio for our spring style show. Come enjoy live music by Red Cedar Review as well as free food and drinks while you peruse the complete eyewear and sunglasses collections from Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, Banana Republic, Vera…

Dr Boiwka headshot circle

Introducing Dr. Ellesse Boiwka

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | April 12, 2016

  We would like to introduce you to our newest associate – Ellesse Boiwka, OD.   Dr. Boiwka was born and raised in Amherst, Ohio and graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in zoology from Miami University. She went on to obtain her Doctorate in Optometry graduating summa cum laude from the Southern College…

Join our 2016 Bracket Challenge

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | March 3, 2016

March Madness is upon us! Join our Bracket Challenge for your chance to win $250 in prizes! The winner will receive a $200 gift certificate to our office as well as a $50 gift card to their choice of Ardoa Wine Bar, Crafty Draught, or Crave! In addition, anyone who can beat Dr. Bodkin will…

10 Tips for Eye Care and Travel

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | November 20, 2015

We are entering the busiest travel time of the year. Here are 10 tips for your eyes while you travel: For any type of travel: Be sure to pack extra contact lenses If you are a contact lens wearer, don’t forget your glasses Always bring sunglasses and keep them handy Don’t forget your contact lens…

Introducing Acuvue Oasys 1-day contact lenses

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | November 3, 2015

We are excited to announce the launch of the Acuvue Oasys 1-day contact lenses. Our office was selected as one of the first in the entire country to start fitting this new daily disposable lens. This new lens, building on the success of the Oasys 2-week lens, was designed using HydraluxeTM technology – a tear…

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By waltmayo | September 25, 2015
Patient Appreciation Harbor Cruise

2015 Patient Appreciation Harbor Cruise

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | September 18, 2015

Our patients make us very happy and we want to show our appreciation. Please join us aboard the General Beauregard on Tuesday, October 20 at 6:15 PM for a two hour cruise around Charleston Harbor. Onboard there will be food, beer/wine/non-alcoholic beverages, and music for you to enjoy while taking in the sunset and sights…

Brands we dispense

By waltmayo | August 11, 2015

Acuvue: 1-day moist 1-day moist for astigmatism 1-day moist multifocal Oasys Oasys for Astigmatism Oasys 1 Day Oasys 1 Day for Astigmatism Vita   Alcon:   Dailies Total 1 Dailies Total 1 Multifocal Dailies Aquacomfort Plus Dailies Aquacomfort Plus Multifocal Dailies Aquacomfort Plus Toric Air Optix with Hydraglyde Air Optix Multifocal Air Optix Toric Air…

Spectral graphs of classical light sources

Is Blue Light Harmful to our Eyes?

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | August 5, 2015

We all use technology with screens every day – from computers to tablets to smartphones. But do these screens cause harm to our eyes? Visible light occurs across a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum encompassing wavelengths from 380nm to 780nm and colors from violet to red. It has long been known that lower wavelength…

Introducing 1-Day Acuvue Moist Multifocal and CooperVision MyDay contact lenses

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | July 8, 2015

                        We are excited to let you know we have just received our fitting sets for the two newest contact lenses to come to the market – Acuvue’s 1-day Moist Multifocal and CooperVision’s MyDay. The Acuvue 1-day Moist Multifocal is a brand new daily…

#CharlestonStrong Fundraiser

By Brad Bodkin, OD, FAAO | June 23, 2015

Along with the rest of the Charleston community, we were stunned and appalled at the senseless act of terror last week at the Emanuel AME Church. We want to show our support and do our part to help in the healing process. All week, we will be donating 9% of our revenue to Lowcountry Ministries…