Save big on contacts with Cooper Vision’s Back to School rebates

time to focus on back to school

It’s time to start thinking about your kids’ back-to-school suppl-eyes! Make sure their list includes an annual eye exam and the contact lenses that will set them up for a great year. Research has shown that almost 80% of learning occurs visually. Not only that, but vision issues can also affect a child’s self-esteem, social interactions, and athletic performance. Vision also goes beyond just seeing 20/20 and a well-functioning visual system will align their eyes properly and easily as well allow them to control and relax their focusing. Any breakdowns, which can be found during a comprehensive eye exam, can lead to eye strain, headaches, slower reading times, and more. If your child is in need of vision correction, contact lenses are a great option. Daily disposables are a safe and comfortable option (for all ages) and research has shown that kids who wear contact lenses achieve higher self-esteem than when wearing glasses.

To make contact lenses an even better option, Cooper Vision has introduced a back-to-school rebate program that can save you as much as $275 on your contact lenses!

So, schedule your child’s comprehensive eye exam today and send them back to class with everything they need to succeed.


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