We are Building a New Office!

October 12, 2018

We have gone vertical! After 2 months of work it actually looks like we are building something! This has been a very exciting week watching all of the steel get erected. And luckily, it was done before the high winds we got from Hurricane Michael. Next up – framing. Head over to our Facebook or Instagram pages to see a quick time-lapse video of the past 2 months.



We are very excited to share with you that we have broken ground on our new state-of-the-art facility. If you have recently been in the shopping center, then you have probably already seen the lot beside Target has been cleared and work has begun. Our new office will be roughly four times larger than our current space. This will allow us to expand our eye care and eyewear offerings to our patients as well as let us expand to meet the needs of our growing community.

We made every effort to minimize our impact on the community, but not all efforts were welcomed by the Town of Mt. Pleasant. You will notice that we have a two-story building. That was done to help make our building footprint smaller so that we could spare more trees. As a result, when you drive by you can see where we have a much larger tree buffer on the Rifle Range side of the lot than our neighbor Target does! Unfortunately, the town is requiring us to build a sidewalk all the way down the Long Grove side of the property which leads to nowhere resulting in the loss of some vegetation. We also tried to minimize our impact on the congested traffic pattern there at the intersection of Long Grove and Rifle Range by having the only entrance to our parking lot be on the Target side of the lot. Unfortunately, the Town has required us to put an entrance/exit along Long Grove Drive which we feel will negatively impact the intersection. At least they listened to us when they tried to make us put in angled parking along Long Grove like it is the rest of the way through the shopping center!

You can read our press release in The Moultrie News here. Then go ahead and follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or bookmark this page, to see our construction updates.