We just got in two really cool new lines of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

The first is MODO. Created as ‘Eyewear for the Individual,’ MODO believes simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. Designed in SOHO, MODO eyewear is handmade and conceived to live the trend rather than follow it. They are made from high quality plastics and titanium. The best part – for every pair we sell, they will donate a pair to an area in need! 

MODO frame in motion

The second is Eco. Eco’s philosophy is to ‘Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.’ Each frame is stylish (Look Good), made from a minimum  of 95% recycled materials (Feel Good), and has a tree planted for every time it gets sold (Do Good). In addition to using recycled materials for their frames, their packaging is an envelope (made from recycled paper of course) that allows customers to donate their old frames to charities that help people see in under served developing areas around the world.  Their case is even made from recycled plastic bottles.

Eco frame in motion

Stop in and check out these two new amazing lines and see what looks best on you while doing some good for the world!