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Screwless innovative hinges? Check. 3D printed frames? Check. Lightweight NXT composites? Check. Stylish, colorful, and bold? Check. These are all attributes of our newest eye wear collection – MonoQool. These exciting new frames are the definition of stylish meets hi-tech.

The MonoQool NXT line uses the NXT material to make the frame fronts. NXT was originally developed by the military as a lightweight bulletproof material for their vehicles. Now, MonoQool has utilized this technology to make featherweight and durable eyeglasses. To add to the innovative design, they went with a one-of-a-kind spiral hinge that is completely screwless. They are produced in several colors including clear, blue, purple, maroon, brown, grey, and even photochromic (it will be clear inside and dark grey outside).  

MonoQool NXT video

The MonoQool IQ series provides a thicker, bolder look while maintaining the lightweight feel with amazing durability. It achieves this using the latest in 3D printing technology with polyamid so that each frame weighs less than 10 grams. In addition, they also use a screwless hinge to maintain flexibility. The IQ series pushes style boundaries and is available in green, azure blue, dark blue, black, brown, red, grey and purple.

MonoQool 3D video

Stop in and check out which of these exciting new frames will be your new favorite!