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It is time to sign up for our latest game – Survival Football. The game is easy, just pick one NFL team to win each week, if you are correct, you get to play again the following week. The catch is you can only use each team once. The last person still playing is the winner! This year the winner will receive a $200 gift certificate to The Vision Center at Seaside Farms, second place a $50 gift certificate and anyone who beats Dr. Bodkin will get a $10 gift certificate. It is free to play (with a ID, which is free). To sign up, just click here and click on “Join League.” Our league ID is 18016 and the password is eyes. Good luck and feel free to pass this on to your friends. Be sure to sign up before September 9th to play.

Click to play Dr. Bodkin's message


Fine Print: 1) No purchase necessary 2) Must be 18 years of age or older 3) Ties will be broken first by who has zero strikes versus one (double elimination game) and second by a random drawing. 4) Gift certificates have no cash value and are only valid for in-store purchases at The Vision Center at Seaside Farms.