SECO 2012 – New Stuff for the Office!

SECO 2012 Logo

Dr. Bodkin and the staff just returned from 4 days attending classes and previewing new technology at SECO 2012 in Atlanta. Here are four things we are bringing back to the office with us to better serve you, our patients:

  1. Acuvue 1-day Moist for Astigmatism contact lenses – Dr. Bodkin is a firm believer of daily disposable contact lenses as the healthiest and most comfortable (not to mention convenient) way to wear contact lenses. While there are several great 1-day lenses out there for near and far sightedness, this is the first lens that can be fit for a majority of astigmatic patients. These new lenses from Acuvue will open up the world of daily disposables to many more patients.
  2. Genetic Testing for AMD – there is a new genetic test now available that can be done in our office to assess your genetic risk for developing wet macular degeneration.  The test is a simple cheek swab that gets sent to a partner lab. After about 4 weeks, the results come back and place you in one of 5 risk categories.  This information will be invaluable in determining proper treatment as well as frequency of visits needed to help preserve your vision. The best part about this test is that 99% of the time it is free to you!
  3. New version of our electronic records is coming with patient portal – The latest version of our electronic health records software has several enhancements. Not only is the recording software more robust and user friendly, but they will be incorporating a new patient portal.  With this portal, you can log in at anytime to view your past diagnoses and treatment plans, request prescription refills, update your medication and health history, and even request an appointment. This will be a powerful new tool that you, our patient, can use to better interact with our office 24 hours a day.
  4. ProDesign eyewear with screwless temples – Not only will we be bringing in the latest styles within our current frame lines but we will also be bringing in a completely new frame line called ProDesign.  ProDesign is a company based in Denmark that has been designing contemporary and colorful eyewear for quite a while now.  What has caught our attention the most is their new line of titanium frames that feature no screws.  These lightweight frames look great and are very durable.  Hopefully you made it to our Launch Party a couple of weeks ago and got look at the entire line.

If you have any questions about any of these four exciting new technologies we are bringing into our office, please do not hesitate to call us at 843-388-6200 or contact us electronically.