After Hours Care

Hopefully you have never had this happen to you: It is Sunday morning and you notice your eye is crusty and you have to rub it to get it to open completely.  It felt a little weird last night before you went to bed but you figured it would get better after you slept.  You look at yourself in the mirror and your eye is very red and doesn’t feel that great either.  What do you do next?  You could call your primary care physician’s office, leave a message, and hope that someone calls you back before Monday morning.  You could swing by that new urgent care place you saw advertised on TV and hope they aren’t so busy that you spend half a day there and that the doctor you see actually knows something about eye care.  Maybe you could go to the emergency room and wait, and wait, and wait some more for the on-call physician to get there, and then pay the high emergency room co-pays associated with your insurance.  Or, and here is the best option, you could contact our office and have Dr. Bodkin contact you within a few minutes to discuss your issues and see what the best course of action is – come in and be seen, pick something up at the pharmacy, or wait until Monday and schedule a visit.  You may not have noticed, but at the top right of this page (and every page of our website) is a tab that says “Emergency Eyecare.”  Clicking that tab will bring you to a page where you can enter your name, email, phone number and a message about your problem.  Clicking “Submit” will generate an email and a text message sent directly to Dr. Bodkin’s cell phone.  It doesn’t get any easier than that, and we all want easy when we are dealing with a problem with our eyes.