Back to School 2011

Back to School

Many of you probably noticed those big yellow machines back on the roadways again today.  That’s right, it is back to school for students here in the Lowcountry.  Your children are equipped with new pencils, new backpacks, new technology, and more to help them succeed this school year.  But have you made sure their vision is in tip-top shape?  Did you know that up to 60% of children who have difficulty with learning actually have undiagnosed vision problems at the root of their troubles?  And just because they pass that school screening doesn’t mean that everything is fine.  Visual function is even more important now with the advent of new technology in the classroom such as smart boards, tablet computers, and 3D displays.  A recent Eye-Q survey conducted by the American Optometric Association found that 53% of parents think that 3D may be harmful to their child’s eyes.  In general, 3D is not harmful to a child’s vision but can help diagnose minor visual problems they may have.  Diagnosing and correcting these issues will help your child perform better with less stress and strain on their eyes.   Be sure to schedule your child’s comprehensive eye exam now that it is early in the school year to avoid any frustrations and ensure they are ready to excel this school year.