Costume Contacts

Do you have a great costume idea for Halloween?  Are you going to be a character from Avatar? Maybe you’ll be dressing like Lady GaGa?  If so, then you will probably be looking for a pair of costume contacts.

Avatar Movie Still           Lady Gaga Circle Lenses

Costume contacts can be a great way to enhance your costume and give it that final touch (think Michael Jackson in the Thriller video).  But they can also be very dangerous if bought and used improperly.  Just like clear contacts, costume contacts are considered a medical device and are regulated by the FDA.  This means that they have to be tested and approved by the FDA for safe wear.  It also means that you cannot purchase the lenses without a valid prescription.

Dr. Bodkin will be glad to work with you to find the right contacts for your costume and ensure they fit properly.  Schedule today to make sure you have plenty of time to be fit with your new lenses prior to Halloween.